From where to where you should travel for making a girl agree for your proposal of love. You would not let her know that you are interested in short term relationship only. You would pretend as though you would love her for life time. You would be interested to go out with her for movie, park or for some other fun joint but you hardly would get agreement from her. This would make you disappoint at times though at times you feel proud of having such a great lover who has lot of values and respects your relationship and love.

But, your desire to move freely with a girl would never be fulfilled. For this all that you should do is to hire New York Asian escort so as to play a role of companion but not to be an escort who would stay with you whole night or for number of hours that you pay her. You could ask her to join with you for a pub or for a movie or for a private party that you organize at home in the absence of your parents. All that you should do is to choose a girl who is not very aged so that every friends of yours believe cooked up story that you tell about companion who has joined you that day.

Of course, you could later reveal who she actually is. One way it is good that you do not reveal truth about companion as your friends who are not matured would treat her low and may spoil the event thus resulting in a nasty situation. Later you could share truth with your close ones who would respect you for not getting your girlfriend to such private parties. They could also follow you when same situation repeats for them.

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